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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Desire Granted!

My hubby even before really amazed me..He do many things that really surprised me,sometimes it even made me cry..I do remmber the last time(2 or 3 months ago) I told him about my phone, since it is touch screened, I cannot enjoy the texting thing compare to other phone.LOve to sending text messages still by the way..LOL.The phone Im using were a smaller one, Samsung.

And I've been using this phone for a year now.He never say a thing that time except for a nod and a smile.Since I cant buy for another one,in my heart better to have this than nothing.Anyway, I can call, this is whats good and best for this type and style of this phone.
And desire has been granted. Wenesday night He hand me something in a black pouch, with a smile and a I opened it up.........

I hugged him, I cant say any single word.....the tightier my hug was, the grateful I am...not only for the gift but for thoughts and caring ways he bestowed.I love you so much honey..words are not enough..I thank God for you.