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Friday, March 13, 2009

..intersting tidbits about me..

I grab this tag from Gen (The answers to the questions below must be based on "at this moment.")

1. Where is your cellphone - beside my loptop
2. Your hair - shiny long, grayish hair
3. Your father - he's in Philippines,
4. Your favorite thing - my pocket diary
5. Your dream last night - my father-in-law was happily cuddling my baby girl..
6. Your favorite drink - pineapple and mango juice
7. Dream goal - to own a bank
8. The room you are in - living room
9. Your fear - to be in the dark
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years - in my home sweet home..
11. Muffins - i'm craving to have at least one this time
12. One of your wish list items - pursue Masteral in Education
13. Where you grew up - Nasipit, Agusan del NOrte, Philippines
14. The last thing you did - saying i love you to my baby...and hubby
15. What are you wearing -blue short and white backless top
16. Your TV - Sharp 21"
17. Your pets - dont like to have one..
18. Your computer - Toshiba loptop(dont know exactly the model)
19. Your life - richly blessed, happy and contented because of HIM
20. Your mood - sleepy and hungry
21. Missing someone - my family back home and my hubby
22. Your car - praying we could own one soon
23. Favorite store - Carrefour
24. Your summer - at home, roam around Hat yai ..
25. Your favorite color - balck, red and white
26. When was the last time you laughed - few minutes ago when honey told me a joke..
27. When was the last time you cried - when i have all the food i like in front of me but still dont know what to eat
28. Last person who emailed you - flixter friends
29. Your favorite food - ...hmmmmp...sea foods
30. A place you would rather be right now - lying along the seabanks

Thursday, March 12, 2009

..the other day i found a photograph of a younger me in a slinky jeans with yellow cotton body fit tops..the photo reminded me of the times i had a very wonderful memories as an engaged lady with a promising and bright outlook in life with GOD..even until i got married i still hold on to those memories..memories that me and my husband my heart I know i could shared it to my children and grand children...and even great grandchildren...(so old na ko ana noh??)glory to GOD!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

..its been a while since the last time I dropped my thoughts in sister-in-law pushing me to post new ones...I’ve spent all day trying to wrap my head around a story to tell...(not mentioning i had much these days)

..should i say now i'm experiencing the joy of being Pregnant..cuz by GOD's mighty grace, I really am.A frequent trips to toillet any time of the day,(especially early morning)a feeling of hungryness always,(that i have to wake my husband up in the middle of the night to cook something for me)dizziness, tiredness most of the time,(not to mention how i slept over my table at school every after my meals)means a lot to me and for my husband who have been from the start, gives out all his support for me and our baby..but i'm quite blessed to say i'm not always throwing ups as what most every pregnant woman of their first 2 months have. i still enjoy the food that my husband Ben prepared..

i looked upon the side of the pregnant glow. The lustrous hair. And all of the other benefits that can come with carrying a baby..I’m thrilled about bringing a baby into the world, and I know that I am blessed to be able to procreate.Thanks GOD for our baby..

Today the sun was shinning so hot early in the morning that I didn’t notice that its still 6 o’clock in the morning…it’s like pulling-the rope-the hard way day for me since I just recovered from a terrible headache and fever…Last Monday was so tiring for me…the school needs to promote English so we all need to packed and make-all-the preparation for that day…staying fresh and energetic was all we need to enhance and motivate the students and the said activities…but it doesn’t stay that long…at the middle of the day,my eyes getting blurred and I felt the heat of the sun piercing inside the pores of my skin and every strands of my hair.….i cant hold it any longer….i need a good sit so I could take a deep and good breath…the students were there around me…(as it used to be)..Waiting for me…I tried to tell them to not going any closer so I could feel some air..i’m tryin’ to hide the feelings…I want to smile….relax….I closed my eyes and begin imagining the beautiful things that had happened to me few days ago…it came to my thoughts that if I stay calm and easy…charming and great in perspective…I can be make the best out of every situation…I believed I can…

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

..tales out of school...
We had been having trouble ‘getting organized” in the morning. The children come into the classroom at 9.20 the bell rings at 9.30. a couple of mornings a week we have a special classes at 9.35 or 9.45.We weren’t ready to go. I was feeling “frazzled”. The kids weren’t responding by moving more quickly. The end of the day had some similarities. They got very chatty as we began preparing for departure. Kids were missing some things…I wanted them to take home or bring back..etc…I’m just not enjoying the beginning of the day and the end of the day. It’s like having a great sandwich and the bread keeps falling off. The pieces of bread that hold our day together are the beginning and the end. Then I talked through the possibilities that maybe I was expecting them to do too much….maybe we need to do something else, maybe have no talking until everybody settled in, maybe at the end of the day I need to allow more time for them and for me…especially…I stretches my legs and try to stomp life back into the frozen feet….i know I can…I just count….everything as a blessing from GOD oddly wrap…I just cared much…..

Writing and performing arts are generally no-go areas for me. I sometimes need a good kick on the backside. I can’t accept things too easily no matter what and who persuades me. My quests caused me some doubts and difficulties to unlocked the secrets within me. Like most people who love to write, I had lounged in illusion that only the ignorant had to look things up. I’m anxious, in my mind, writing was about knowing exactly what you had to say and being sharp about it. It was about production, not mere talk and certainly not excuses. I once told that to write a sentence with a mismatched noun and verb was literary equivalent of going on stage with your fly open….In the past few days the weather had changed abruptly and so with my views of blogging…Is blogging really an issue? It was a matter of getting into the warmth of my sleeping bags and zipping up as quickly as possible just to put these words that had been with me in my sleeping bags for thousands of years…huh!!!The starts were even more important for me to get a move-on I am…I ‘ve got some…. And I found pleasure and I’m beginning to appreciate. I knew, in my heart, I count…I care….and I can….