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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

..tales out of school...
We had been having trouble ‘getting organized” in the morning. The children come into the classroom at 9.20 the bell rings at 9.30. a couple of mornings a week we have a special classes at 9.35 or 9.45.We weren’t ready to go. I was feeling “frazzled”. The kids weren’t responding by moving more quickly. The end of the day had some similarities. They got very chatty as we began preparing for departure. Kids were missing some things…I wanted them to take home or bring back..etc…I’m just not enjoying the beginning of the day and the end of the day. It’s like having a great sandwich and the bread keeps falling off. The pieces of bread that hold our day together are the beginning and the end. Then I talked through the possibilities that maybe I was expecting them to do too much….maybe we need to do something else, maybe have no talking until everybody settled in, maybe at the end of the day I need to allow more time for them and for me…especially…I stretches my legs and try to stomp life back into the frozen feet….i know I can…I just count….everything as a blessing from GOD oddly wrap…I just cared much…..