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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today the sun was shinning so hot early in the morning that I didn’t notice that its still 6 o’clock in the morning…it’s like pulling-the rope-the hard way day for me since I just recovered from a terrible headache and fever…Last Monday was so tiring for me…the school needs to promote English so we all need to packed and make-all-the preparation for that day…staying fresh and energetic was all we need to enhance and motivate the students and the said activities…but it doesn’t stay that long…at the middle of the day,my eyes getting blurred and I felt the heat of the sun piercing inside the pores of my skin and every strands of my hair.….i cant hold it any longer….i need a good sit so I could take a deep and good breath…the students were there around me…(as it used to be)..Waiting for me…I tried to tell them to not going any closer so I could feel some air..i’m tryin’ to hide the feelings…I want to smile….relax….I closed my eyes and begin imagining the beautiful things that had happened to me few days ago…it came to my thoughts that if I stay calm and easy…charming and great in perspective…I can be make the best out of every situation…I believed I can…