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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Writing and performing arts are generally no-go areas for me. I sometimes need a good kick on the backside. I can’t accept things too easily no matter what and who persuades me. My quests caused me some doubts and difficulties to unlocked the secrets within me. Like most people who love to write, I had lounged in illusion that only the ignorant had to look things up. I’m anxious, in my mind, writing was about knowing exactly what you had to say and being sharp about it. It was about production, not mere talk and certainly not excuses. I once told that to write a sentence with a mismatched noun and verb was literary equivalent of going on stage with your fly open….In the past few days the weather had changed abruptly and so with my views of blogging…Is blogging really an issue? It was a matter of getting into the warmth of my sleeping bags and zipping up as quickly as possible just to put these words that had been with me in my sleeping bags for thousands of years…huh!!!The starts were even more important for me to get a move-on I am…I ‘ve got some…. And I found pleasure and I’m beginning to appreciate. I knew, in my heart, I count…I care….and I can….